Our Values

Our Values
  • We are caring Your success means everything to us.
  • We are transparent & accountable You have full ownership and visibility across all your campaigns and accounts.
  • We are up for a challenge We know there is an opportunity in every challenge.
  • We are Doers We believe the best way to learn and succeed is by getting things done.
How HyperPop Started

How HyperPop Started

Based in Vancouver, Canada—HyperPop is a digital marketing & creative agency ready to break boundaries. We don’t just bring passion and creativity to our clients; we bring real-world business know-how to everything we do.

By leveraging our depth of experience, we help growing businesses and startups scale through world-class marketing strategies, striking design, and streamlined execution. And we’re not just thinking about tomorrow. We’re in it for the long haul because we’re committed to helping businesses grow for the next 10 years and beyond.

So, if you need an approachable and engaged team fighting beside you in the trenches every day…

You’ve come to the right place.

Our team of experienced entrepreneurs, marketers, copywriters, and designers come from different industries around the world. That’s what allows us to get granular and really understand your brand and audience.

Together, we have a unique edge in understanding what it takes to scale a business—while balancing profits and growth.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

HyperPop’s Journey

HyperPop’s Journey
  • FEBRUARY 2022 The idea was born
  • JUNE 2022 Spun off from ArmSoar Solutions
  • NOVEMBER 2022 12+ Team Members


Thomas Lee and Jason Lee aren’t just brothers. They’re also business owners with the track record to back them up. Inspired by their parents, who ran multiple restaurants, it’s clear the passion for building runs in the family.

Before starting their own businesses, they pursued a range of interests. From studying architecture to building RC planes, the path was far from linear. But they always had one thing in common. They loved to build. Whether it’s a business, a building, or a plane, Thomas and Jason know how to get granular and figure it out by applying their knowledge from one domain to another.

And when they see an opportunity to change an industry and make it better…

They’re not afraid to take it.

From Hong Kong to Vancouver, they’ve worked around the world building 7-figure companies from the ground up. Now, Thomas and Jason are bringing that expertise to other startups & established brands through a top-tier digital marketing & creative agency.

It’s not just about the theory of marketing; it’s about the practice. In every project, they bring real-world experience that helps you execute your marketing strategies right from the start—without having to figure it out all by yourself.

Meet Our Team

Thomas Lee

Co-founder & CEO
Thomas spent the last decade building multiple successful businesses. At HyperPop, he brings this experience and passion to every project we touch.

Jason Lee

Co-founder & CFO
Jason’s spent years honing his numbers and operations acumen. Now, he brings that careful planning to HyperPop.

Aisha Masood

Account Manager
As an Account Manager at HyperPop, Aisha brings a wealth of expertise in digital marketing and a passion for driving results.

Polly Masalova

Account Manager
After travelling around the world, Polly found her passion in organizing processes to help others make the most out of their work.

Victoria Fraser

Content Manager
Since 2020, Victoria has worked with dozens of brands and agencies doing copywriting. Now, she shares her creative ambition & editing expertise with HyperPop.

Didith Hapiz

Graphic Designer
For over 14 years, Didith has worked with leading publishing companies and creative agencies. Now, she brings that expertise to every single design.

Stefanie Leung

Visual Designer
After working at multiple international creative firms, Stefanie has now settled in Vancouver, Canada for her next adventure at HyperPop—helping businesses optimize their customers’ experience to drive business success.

Estefania Galvan

Social Media Manager
After running her own agency for 6 years, Estefania now works at HyperPop, showcasing her wealth of experience as a photographer & social media manager.

Enya Wong

Social Media Coordinator
After moving to Canada, Enya switched careers to become a social media coordinator at HyperPop, bringing a keen eye for aesthetics.

Anna Shnyt

UI/UX Designer
Anna’s curiosity is her superpower, and that helps her come up with fresh and imaginative solutions to each project.

Trisha Ang

Content Writer
With 3 years of brand marketing and 3+ years of content writing experience in her pocket, Trisha uses her skills and love for purposeful storytelling to create captivating content with Hyperpop.

Selina Garcia

Content Writer
With over 3 years of experience as a content writer, Selina now dedicates her passion and time to HyperPop, making sure that each piece she writes is as accurate as it is engaging.

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